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Urbex Powerplant XXX

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After almost one year without any urbex trips I decided to plan one with two friends from the east.This ttime uut target was to visit an big cooling tower in Belgium. At arrival we parked our car and entered the tower via the door. We were impressed by the amazing view, which combined with the rain, delivered very nice pictures.

In the picture below you can see internal of the cooling-tower where in the middle water is pumped up, and distributed over the small canals. Via small wholes in the canals the water is falling down and will at the same time warm up the upraising air with results in cooler water. This water is pumped in the canal.

Powerplant XXX

Powerplant XXX

After the cooling tower we walked toward the power-plant, and were able to enter it via the entrance which was open. It was clearly visible that the plant was being decommissioned, and removed. We walked around for many hours at ground level till the top floor which presented us a nice view of the surrounding area. During our visit we also saw other people that claimed that they were workers, which fpr me sounded a bit strange because of a camera-bag at his bag. Anyway, we had no further issues, and return to our car where we finished lunch before heading home.

Powerplant XXX

Powerplant XXX

It was very successful trip, and for all the pictures you can check out the following LINK

Urban Shoot Nancy

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The next model drove from Germany to me for an urbanshoot in my area. Selena from RevealYourBeauty was responsible for hair and makeup.  Compliments for the team!

Nancy Vasterink-20140609-163304-Edit Nancy Vasterink-20140609-140204-Edit Nancy Vasterink-20140609-141842-Edit

Wit Weekend Arnhem

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I drove up to Arnhem to frame the preparation of the Wit Weekend Catwalk. Kristine Mkrtchian was one of organizers and my contact for that day. That afternoon I have shot the three shows that were held on the mobile catwalk. You can view the backstage pictures at by click here, and view the show in the street by click here


Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-134822 Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-134604 Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-134731-2Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-151032Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-145418Wit Weekend 2014-20140622-132815

KABK Fashion Show 2014

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One of my favorite local events is the KABK Graduated show in the town-hall of The Hague. This year I was asked to shoot backstage and the catwalk. Below you will see some of the collection pictures, and if you want to see all the picture just click here to visit To view the backstage picture you can click here.

KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-225113 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-220019 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-220512 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-221240 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-221741 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-222208 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-222443 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-222714-2 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-223419 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-224100 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-224428 KABK Fashion Show 2014-20140621-224740-2

Fashionclash 2014

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The weekend of 14/15 Juni I drove up towards Maastricht to watch and capture Fashionclash 2014. I first stopped at Gulpen to have some lunch with vlaai and enjoy the view of sweaty bikers. Next stop was at the hotel were I stored the suitcase and received the key of the room. After that I went straight to Fashionclash location  to receive my press-badge and  install myself at the front of the catwalk with the other well-known photographers.  During the two days we saw great performances of many designers and models. The atmosphere and the organization was fantastic! Till next year!


Fashionclash-2014-day3-20140615-202514 Fashionclash-2014-day2-20140614-190750-2 Fashionclash-2014-day3-20140615-190425-2

Freestyleshoot Irene

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On 16 May 2014 model Irene responded to a last minute call for a freestyle shoot in the studio. This is something that is always highly appreciated!


In the evening with did several settings with various clothing sets in the studio. The results were very good as you can see in the selection below. For highly quality you can jump towards my Flickr page

Set 1

Irene Hovenga-20140516-213658-Edit

Set 2

Irene Johanna-20140516-211125-Edit

Monque Desar – White Dreams Show

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On Saturday 24 May 2014  I drove to the location Venlo to witness the third edition of the fashion show from Monique Desar. The 2014 edition named  White Dreams was held in the theater ‘t Raodhoes which is an bigger location then last year to have more people watch the show. The catwalk was raised towards, en surrounded by dinner tables for the VIP guests.

In the afternoon I made the backstage pictures from the show preparations and gave some instructions during the catwalk practices runs. Around 20u00 the show started with an dancing act, followed by an magnificent black dress worn by Janice. Monique Desar removed the dress with an scissor which revealed the white dress under it. After that the Ready to Wear Collection was shown by the models, following the collection from ByField, and the second collection Feelings from Monique Desar and ended with the collection Naturel Woods. After an small drink I had to drive home to be in bed on time, to have private plans next morning.

For me the show was an great succes, hope to be there in 2015!


Collection Ready to Wear

Ready to Wear

Collection : Feelings

Naturel Woods

Collection : Natural Woods


Hotel Shoot with Stefanie

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Stefanie - Hotel

Stefanie – Hotel

Stefanie - Hotel

Stefanie – Hotel

At 16 March 2013 I drove up to Belgium for a shoot with Stefanie L in a beautifull location.

The location was an hotel in the forest region, where were able to use a uite for the complete day.

We made pictures around the bed, the badroom and in frond of a nice cabinet. The resultst were perfect.

Naturel Flower Shoot with Judy and Petra

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Judy - Tears

Judy – Tears

Sunday 6 may 2013 i drove up too the region Hilversum for a shoot with Judy M and make-up artist Petra H.

The weather was very bad in the morning, but in the afternoon it improved and it stayed dry.

We were able too shoot at three different locations and were able too create nice results.



New WordPress Website

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This week I will implement a new website using WordPress. Keep following the progress!